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MLHA members may post items for sale on this page by emailing the posting and pictures (if you'd like to include any) to Charlotte at [email protected]. The posting will remain up for 2 months unless you notify us sooner that the items have sold.   Click here for non-member pricing.

Beginning in September 2019. There are 123 guestrooms in the HGI and the FF&E will become available per the Table 1 chart in the below document. Public space furniture will be available January 1st, 2020. If you are interested in acquiring guestroom or public space FF&E from the HGI, please reach out to Holly Ferrell at [email protected].

Click here for pictures and more information. 

Posted June 17, 2019

Help Needed

I own a small motel with 15 rooms and am looking for a reasonably priced way to get television service, as cable providers for my area seem very high.  Does anyone have any experience with Internet television, the costs associated with it, and the logistics to get it?   Please email Janice at [email protected] with any help you can offer.  Thanks!

Posted May 30, 2019

Wanted: One dozen or more Queen size bedspreads in good to excellent condition;  neutral colors preferred. For hospitality use.

Can be contacted at [email protected]

Posted April 25, 2019